Rishabh Jain


An opportunist who gets excited with each and every passing creative thought. Meet Rishabh Jain, someone who inspires you to live every moment with creativity and music. PATPAI sprouted out of his capable observation during his routine stint with Art of living and then decided to gift plants on each and every occasion. One of his abilities is to immerse himself in whatever he does and currently he is gladly researching on each and every plant species out there. He is PAT in PATPAI, and can convince you in any conversation of any length to make you gift a plant the very next time you get a chance to do so. He loves music, so if in case you hear something like a PATPAI band or songs, credits Rishabh Jain.

Aarti Jain

Logistics and Account Manager

Perhaps the greatest skill she has honed over the years is the ability to say "Why" to everything. Sure it can get difficult at times, but this filters out all the nonsense and brings out the best in any decision we take. A teacher by profession and a born accountant, Aarti Jain has succeeded in making this organization an efficient one, which has a strong back end, ensuring all plants reach customers on time and everything is accounted for. Sindhi blood comes in handy at last.

Pratik Jain

Idea Curator and Business Head

Not brothers in blood but a brother in arms, Pratik Jain is the Co-Founder of PATPAI. A born genius, he can swing any penny stock idea into a billion dollar one. Right from shaping PATPAI's philosophy to coming up with fresh pot designs and business strategies, Pratik has made PATPAI what it is today. We are proud to say PJ is the PAI of PATPAI!



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