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Plant a Tree

Taking care of a plant is as enriching as caring for a pet or a baby, the plus point being there is less hassle involved in the former! They come in innumerable shape, sizes and colours (no we are not advertising apparel or shoes for you ladies), you get to take your pick! Allow us to take you back to the good old school days when you were taught the importance of maintaining a green eco-system (purer air, survival buddies, greener surroundings; the works). We invite you to join the bandwagon and help the idea grow.

Plant an Idea

We are a humble, lesser talented bunch of art enthusiasts and nature lovers. With our limited powers, we try our very best to visualize great art and inspire our artists to create art for us. We felt the urge of attracting people to adopt plants who thought plants were difficult to handle or who never actually noticed them because of them boring black and brown pots. Join us in changing that perspective by helping us paint the town green, quite literally!

Corporate Gifting

You may stand a chance to ace your game if only you knew your boss had green fingers. As a corporate, you have multiple reasons to buy plants from PATPAI – we will customize them as per your requirements right down to putting an idea on the pot that revolves around your company philosophy (innovation and customization is a sure winner we hear). Many corporates are known to follow CSR activities extensively, but their involvement is minimal and the activities are outsourced. We take serious effort to make the CSR activities fun, so that everyone- right from the boss to an employee has fun executing it. Check this out; create a brand recall by gifting your employees/clients a plant with the company logo on it. The receiver ideally will maintain the plant for at least 30 seconds a day; unknowingly the corporate creates a strong brand recall and becomes a part of the receiver's lifestyle. That's a great CSR move right there. Write to us

Popular Culture

Being 'cool' has always been the new in thing to be. People try everything in their capacity to be cool. They wear funky t-shirts, own cool phone covers, the list is endless! Taking this coolness a step further we proudly present our Popular Culture plants. We take all interesting designs and put it on a pot to give the plant a unique personality. What's even better is that you get to create a fashion statement; read Elvis Presley, MJ, a Gucci or your favorite LV potted all over your house! Be Cool, Earn Respect. Find out more

Customized Gifting

Plants make an affordable, interesting gift one can give to their family and friends. Reach out to us and we will customize the pot as per your requirement. You could either give us your design or share a brief and we will design it for you. Putting design to pot is our claim to fame!

Tip: Candles, candies, perfumes and other materialistic objects are all too cliché. Go ahead; Plant a Tree, Plant an Idea today! Write to us

Pay It Forward

The true value of something nice is appreciated by the amount of times it has been shared. 'Pay it forward' is a simple philosophy where a person who receives help does not re-pay the helper but helps three other people in return. Keeping Pay it forward in mind we encourage people to gift plants to others if they have enjoyed a plant's company. Think about it, 1 person gifts 3 people plants and 3 people gift 9 people plants and the green chain goes on. We can change the world, right?


The enlightened ones say everyone is responsible for their own destiny. We say, start by being responsible for your immediate surroundings. We can't promise you that by planting trees you will keep global warming at bay, but we can assure you that if we all join hands we can definitely make a difference. Like carbon footprints, check your green footprints in your house, building and society. It's always good to have plants everywhere; they are aesthetic and have many health benefits. Contact us to know what you can do to increase your green footprints in your vicinity.


Many people feel that maintaining plants is a complicated affair. We have often heard the"I dont buy or gift plants because it always dies yaar" line. To an extent, it is true that certain plants need a bit more attention than the majority but the basics are simple; every plant needs sunlight and water. At PATPAI we provide an instruction manual for every plant we give, what's more, we handpick plants that are easy to maintain. All one needs to know is where to put the plant and how much water to give. Watching a plant grow from its initial stage can be a fun sight. Once you get the grip, it will be fun to have them in your house/office. Many customers who have never adopted a plant before have returned to tell us, "I didn't know it was that easy"